Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, here it is, another month gone by... we are having unseasonably warm weather right now, because Pres. Clark asked all the teachers on campus to pray we don't get snow until the roof is done on the new colosseum. Maybe I'll do more when I'm stuck inside due to snow? Then again, maybe not.

This year Elizabeth wanted to be many different things for Halloween. Ariel, a (nice) witch, Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas - she's in love with Jack), and finally we settled on a pink cat. We used her dance outfit (pink leotard and tights), and I made ears (used her pink headband), a tail and bracelets, anklets and a wrap around the neck and shoulders with a pink and a black feather boa. I also did her makeup myself! I'm so proud of me!

Kael was a vampire. He doesn't quite get the concept of choose your own costume, so I went to the store Wednesday, found everyone in his size and picked one. The choices were scarecrow, spider or vampire. I thought he might like to be something vicious. So we dressed him up, painted his face gray, with some red around the mouth and called it good. He does NOT like stuff to close to his eyes, mouth or nose. Or water in his ears, btw.

Tristan dressed up as a ninja, like Kael did two years ago(hey, they're about the same age... Kael was 1 month older two years ago than Tristan is now). We didn't do any makeup. He had a great time, though. He really enjoyed the Whoppers (which is good, because they're not my favorite). And I'm sorry, I didn't get a really good pic of him... I'll dress him up again later and take another pic, and post it here.

I painted whiskers and heavy eyeliner on my face and was Elizabeth's mama cat. Matt was a referee vampire, using the teeth that came with Kael's costume but didn't fit in Kael's mouth.

They made quite a haul. We've instituted a new rule. If you're 3 or older, you can eat as much candy as you want the day after Halloween until it's all gone. The dentists say it's better that way.

I'm going to post one super cute pic of Tristan, just because I can't resist...

...And a video of Elizabeth shaking her booty with her tail on...

I don't know why, but my kids are really good at shaking it! Hahaha