Monday, June 30, 2008

Well, I'm getting better...

I'm still pretty terrible about this whole blogging thing! lol At least it's only been a month and a half this time.

So, as you can see from the picture, I have colored my hair. The goal was to look like Mary Jane from Spiderman (I love Kirsten Dunst). It took me a couple days to get used to the color, as it was quite drastic and I haven't been a redhead for at least 8 years, but I love it now!

I have decided to homeschool my kids, and I'm way excited! I always felt that the school system was broken, and felt I could have done better under different circumstances, like being able to go at my own pace which was much faster than "the norm", and now I can give that opportunity to my kids. So I'll be starting preschool officially in the fall, and Elizabeth will also be doing two days a week up on campus, because she's a social butterfly in the making. Kael will be participating a little too.

Kael turns 3 next month! And then 5 weeks later, Tristan will turn 1! AHHHH!!! Crazy crazy. Tristan has 6 teeth (yes, I realize that's more than most, but not for our family!), and has started to crawl. Right now he looks like an inchworm, because his but goes up in the air and then he throws himself forward. hehehe Once I clean up the floor and set up a gate on my bedroom door, we'll all be happier once he starts really crawling. He'll be able to follow me or his siblings anywhere, and it's a toss-up about whom he will want to spend more time with!

The next thing for Kael is potty training. I expect it to happen in the next couple of months or so. He's showing a lot of the signs: unhappy in a soiled or wet diaper (or diapers in general, depending on the day), interest in others using the toilet, and waking up with a mostly dry diaper. It happened so gradually with Elizabeth that I don't know how I'm going to do it this time, but I'm sure we'll figure it out!

Matt took classes this summer, and loved them. We're only 3 weeks from a 7-week break from school. Matt also works at the theater still, and it's on full-time mode so it's pretty crazy around here. But he's excited about what he's studying so, I'm rooting for him!

I'm starting my own candy business. I think I have the best caramel corn out there. And I'm working on some other products. The gimmick is that they're all natural, no fake stuff. Yum!

That's it for now. More later!


Caralee said...

Wow, there's a lot going on in your life too! The candy business sounds like a cool idea. I have also thought about home schooling too, especially if there are a bunch of mormon moms who have good educations even education training would be very nice and get together kind of a community of home schooling and kids can have social contacts too. I am thinking about potty training Garett, I need to study up on it a little more.

alex said...

i think matt already knows I'm a popcorn nut. Put me down for a bag of caramel popcorn in the near future.

oh, and love the hair.