Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Swine Flu: Get Over It!

What is the deal with the swine flu? Why all the hubbub? It's hardly killed anyone! It's been labeled as pandemic, but all that means is that it's everywhere. It doesn't mean it's extremely deadly. I'm attaching a link to an article about this, and it clearly shows how our already out-of-control government is going overboard with this, and trying to take away our personal freedoms in the name of public safety. I'm also including a link to the National Vaccine Information Center, where there is a lot more information to be found, including laws recently made that allow state militia to take our belongings and forecfully vaccinate us and not be held liable for anything that goes wrong, either with our things or our health. This cannot be allowed to continue!! Educate yourself and take action!


National Vaccine Information Center

If on the first one, it asks you for membership, go ahead and sign up. He always has great information and it's completely free.


Caralee and Jon said...

Isn't the goverment crazy now a days!! It is ridiculous!

The Randy Dupuy Clan said...

Well Randy may diagree with you on the hubbub... he's lost quite a few patients at the hospital and is seeing a whole lot of pregnant women who are either losing their babies or their lives to this flu.

Arienne said...

Is it any worse than just a regular flu, though? As far as I understand it, it isn't.