Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leaving? Cleaning?!

It's here. We're leaving Friday, first thing in the morning. I can't believe it. It still seems kind of uNrEaL. But thank goodness I'm almost done cleaning.

Wow, you have to clean a lot when you move. Can I just say that it truly never occurred to me to wash underneath and behind appliances such as the stove and fridge? I don't think I can remember my mom doing it, and she's a pretty neat and clean person so she must have done it at least occasionally... but I never saw her do it. And it gets really gross under there! Also, cleaning INSIDE the oven?! Seriously? Why not just leave the ashes? Honestly, these things just never occurred to me, I swear! But here I am, doing them, and I must say, it's giving me a strange sort of satisfaction... To go from SO dirty, to so clean... It's a beautiful thing. Next time I do this, I'll make sure the kids see me doing it, because it should be done... at least occasionally.

And for you Facebook users, that other post I was talking about is a goals post. I might be able to get to it on vacation. Cleaning takes a lot of time!

P.S. Thank you to Shannon, who showed me I could format my posts like this! Should be a lot more interesting!

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Rhydon said...

Well, I have to say, it never occurred to me to clean quite a few of the things that I needed to for white glove in the apartments up there, but even they never had us clean underneath/behind the fridge or oven. I can't imagine what's back there... Especially with such an old complex... EWWWWWWW!!!!