Thursday, June 3, 2010

I can see clearly now...

... but it has nothing to do with the rain!

Today I took Elizabeth and Kael to the eye doctor for the first time.  Last Saturday, Elizabeth started complaining that her vision was fuzzy, and that her eyes hurt.  It was much upon those years that I got my first pair of glasses, so I couldn't poopoo her complaint. It was too late however to call then, and it was a holiday weekend, so I was pounded with inquiries and reminders all weekend about calling the doctor.  To determine if it was for real a little on our own, Matt found an online test for eyesight not much different from the doctor type, and of course everyone had to try it (at least the ones who knew their alphabet).  Kael had some problems, too.

So first thing Tuesday morning, I made the appointments for Elizabeth and Kael.  And today we went.

Kael got to go first. We all went to the first room where they have that really cool table that rotates to all the different diagnostic instruments. The kids only got to use 2 of them, the "binoculars" and the one where you stare at a picture.  After Kael, was Elizabeth, and then we all went to the examination room.  Kael hopped up in the exam chair with great enthusiasm. It turned out to be kind of an involved process because it turns out Kael is VERY far-sighted!  This surprised me, as I am very near-sighted, but I have since learned that my dad is far-sighted, so there you go.  The doctor even dilated Kael's eyes because the eyes were compensating so much that it was skewing the prescription.  He got his glasses today, and he looks great!

Elizabeth was next. It didn't take nearly as long, because it turns out, ironically, that she doesn't need glasses at all. She's "practically perfect in every way."  She was very upset, however, that she didn't get glasses! So Matt took her to a dollar store and got her some cool reading glasses in the lightest prescription possible.  She looks good too, but I'm not sure I'd be okay if she actually needed to wear them all the time.

Kael is very happy with his new vision, and if he knew the song, he'd probably sing: "I can see clearly now my glasses are on! I can see all obstacles in my way!" Hahahaha.

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Rhydon said...

They both look very cute with those glasses, though I find it a little distressing that either of them might need to wear glasses (am I going to be the only one without them in our family?!?). I am glad, though, that Kael feels better with his newfound sight. Perhaps this might be some of that control he's been looking for in his life, and you might have a little easier time with him. I'd be interested in hearing the results of that!