Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I really should do this more often... Sorry for the info overload!

Early this month, Tristan turned 1! I don't have any babies right now, and it feels a little weird! Also, we've decided Tristan is old enough now to share a room with his brother and sister, so we've turned the spare room into the computer/music/play/storage room! Suddenly I have so much space, I don't know what to do with it all! Ha! Tristan isn't walking yet, but I'm not worried. He takes things at his own pace, and this is no different.

Matt started school on the 8th. His classes are a good mix of challenging and easy, interesting and boring. He's excited to do the IBC program next semester, in which you get to start your own company. He's also taking a class in web business, for which he is using my business... which brings me to my next tidbit!

I started a candy company! It's called Arienne's All-Natural Candy Classics. I've wanted to for months, but I finally put some candy together and set up a table at a local street fair. I sold 10 bags of my toffee! And no one who tried had anything bad to say about it! One person has even said that she can taste the difference between my toffee and regular toffee, and mine is better!!! Right now I'm in R&D for my next candy, for which I need your help! Everyone who lives near me, I need you to taste my confection concoctions! And everyone's opinion is needed on my poll, to the right. I'll probably end up making all of those eventually, but I need to know which would be the top sellers, just to start. I'm also working on caramel corn, and I hope to make lollipops soon. My spin is that these are all-natural candies, no fake stuff, and it's hard to color lollipops without fake colors! But I will do it!!!! Check out the website at (And we're working on fixing the title... ha!) And feel free to order!

Elizabeth started preschool up on campus this week. She's loving it so far. There's a gecko in her classroom! And yesterday, she held it twice! Hahaha. So to compete with that, I bought a fish for us to have at home. It's a blue Betta, and Elizabeth has dubbed him Cookie Bubbles. We're all really excited. I've never had my own pet before, so we'll see how this works.

Kael started saying something really funny. I told him once as I was bringing him inside that he was going inside because he broke the rules, to which he replied desperately, "I'll fix the rules, Mommy! I promise!" Ah, that kid.

That's the update! Stay tuned for more... hopefully sooner than later!


Caralee and Jon said...

Hey! Were you up by the temple going for a walk the other day. I wasn't sure if it was you or not?

Arienne said...

Nope, it wasn't me. Let's get together... this week work for you? Call me at 359-5425 and we'll work it out!