Friday, August 15, 2008

The Others

I thought Kael deserved his own post for his birthday, so here's the skinny on everyone else!

Tristan now has 7 teeth, almost 8, and crawls in the traditional way most of the time, unless he really wants to go somewhere fast. He's a pretty happy kid most of the time. He adores his sister and brother, though who his favorite is changes several times a day. I gave Rhydon a haircut a few days ago, and he was upset that I wouldn't hold him, so Elizabeth made him go to her room and played with him there for at least a half hour, and I didn't hear one scream! He and Kael are always fighting over the cars and trains. Kael is learning to share, which is nice, but I think eventually we will have to get Tristan some of his own. I can't believe he's almost 1!!! We think he'll start walking soon too. He's only been crawling for a couple of weeks, but he's really progressed quickly, and is already cruising along the furnitrue and trying to stand without holding on to anyone/anything, so with three weeks to go, it's certainly possible.
This last weekend, we went to Utah. Our friends Jerusha and Russell were getting married in Manti, we stayed with Matt's friend Phil et al, and had a party with some other of his friends and their families.
Elizabeth had fun playing with Phil's kids, Callie and Cecily. The wedding was beautiful. And on our way home we stopped by my brother Kelson's house and visited with his family for a couple hours. Right before we left for vacation, they found out they're moving to Michigan this weekend! So we got in under the wire to see them before they left. I got to see my newest nephew for the first time (he's only a month younger than Tristan).
Last bit of news, we got new phones and switched phone companies. We are now on AT&T, so anyone from that network can call our phones for free from their cell phones! Matt's number is the same as it has been since January, mine is different. If you need/want it, email me and I'll send it to you.
Tomorrow's potty day... I'll keep you updated!

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Caralee and Jon said...

Wow, you posted alot! Good job! You must be getting the hang of the whole blogging thing! All your kids have gorgeous eyes!