Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I once was blind but now I see!

Somewhere back before Thanksgiving, maybe Halloween, my right eye decided it didn't like contacts, and in trying to get it to accept what it did not want, I ran out of contacts for my right eye. We did not have money at the time to buy more contacts for me, and consequently, I've been partially blind for the last 3-4 months. For those who don't know, yes, I wear glasses and contacts, mostly contacts because I don't think I look good in glasses, and my eyes are pretty bad: -5.00 in one, -5.50 in the other. But today, after a slight mix-up and delay (the strength in the first shipment was +5 and 5.5 instead of negative), I can now see with both eyes! It was a little trippy at first, but I feel like my old self again. The kids can sit on either side of me when we read books and I can see, and I don't have to have a mirror super close to do my makeup on one eye. It's marvelous!

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