Friday, September 18, 2009

A thought on the state of the Union

A lot of good people may wonder why some politicians are allowed to come into office and destroy our country. People like Glenn Beck, and some others, do their best to show how what's happening is wrong and bad. People must first awaken to those realities. If Heavenly Father saved our country now, we wouldn't appreciate it, because we wouldn't see anything was wrong, and we would soon fall back into our old ways. Also, Heavenly Father can't just rescue us. We must be aware, and do all we can to fix things ourselves, or at least move in that direction. This shows Him that we really want it. And that is why we cannot just sit back, and hope that our leaders do the right thing. We must do our part, to let them know what the right thing is, and that we won't stand for anything less.

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