Monday, January 26, 2009

Panic Attack! and other things.

So Saturday was Kael's first Primary activity. He and Elizabeth had a great time. But apparently Kael gave the leaders quite a scare! They noticed Elizabeth playing in the gym with some other kids, and asked each other, Didn't she have her brother with her? Answers in the affirmative set off a mild panic and search. They looked all over the church, yelling his name. Finally, after they were thoroughly panicked, they found him in the nursery room downstairs, playing with the toys. I'll have to make sure to tell him to stay with the other kids next time.

Homeschooling is back in full swing after my recovery. Today we learned F and G. The kids really enjoy school, and this morning, Elizabeth even said I was her favorite teacher ever. I'm happy to hear that, since they'll be stuck with me for 12 years of school or so! Ha ha.

A sad day is fast approaching. I think Tristan may not need naps much anymore. He's not even in Nursery yet! *sigh* Luckily, they let me take a short nap every afternoon. Today, I fell asleep on Kael's bed, which has the side guard, and Tristan doesn't know how to get over it, so he was stuck on the bed with me. He played at the window and with the blankets while I slept! It also helps that Elizabeth is such a little mommy, and the boys listen to her. I'm so glad I had a girl first! lol

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I love the family picture!!