Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The girls have a birthday

6 years ago, I gave birth to a tiny little girl, and we named her Elizabeth. She was born on my birthday, and I maintain that she is the best birthday present I've ever received! 

Elizabeth is a sweet, caring, intelligent girl.  She started kindergarten (homeschool) and is learning how to read. She practically begs for reading lessons on most days of the week.  She's even started reading from the Book of Mormon during family scripture study, and can read a lot of verses without much help at all!  She loves her brothers, (though she will tell you she does not always like them...) and tries to help them. She's been working especially hard on being a good big sister, and not a second mom, and is coming along famously.  She recently took up a liking for dressing like me, and therefore a lot of the gifts for Christmas, from Santa and for her birthday (and my gifts too) were put toward that effort.  It really tickles my heart that she likes to do that.  She's really blossomed and improved under my new parenting rules, taken from Love and Logic.  I can't imagine life without her, and I'm so grateful to be her Mommy.

Elizabeth requested (on her own, without prompting), chocolate cake with lemon frosting, and since that sounded absolutely lovely to me, and she didn't object, we made that cake and shared it.  Elizabeth insisted we dress alike for our birthday, of course, so we both wore yellow. She wore her new jeans, but my jeans got another hole in them (never buy Faded Glory), we didn't match completely. (My mother-in-love is sending me money to get jeans for myself once we get back to Rexburg. Thanks, Kathie!) But it was close enough for her. We also ended up matching our cake. :D

So we blew out the candles and opened our gifts together.

Elizabeth got flashing shoes from Kael (which she's wanted since October, when Kael got his pair of flashing shoes), Disney princess card games from me, dress-up scarves from Tristan, and a crib for Marie from Granmama and Grampa.  Mom made it herself from an old Mary Kay box and fabric she had on hand.  She had to make up the pattern herself, so it's quite amazing, and it looks wonderful.

I got a cute green shirt (Elizabeth), a pink turtleneck (Tristan), Work and the Glory Volume 4 (Kael), and a purple shawl, made by Mom, complete with shawl pin, and my own starter set of essential oils from DoTerra.  Rhydon's gift to me was babysitting my kids so I could go out to dinner with Mom and Dad.  We went to this FABULOUS vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Lovin' Spoonfuls.  It is truly amazing food! I couldn't tell we weren't eating the "real" thing.  We had Tempura Shrimp, hummus with cucumber slices, Dad and I had side salads with Sesame tahini dressing, we shared a Pumpkin Bisque soup and a black bean soup. Mom had a giant salad with Thousand Island dressing. Dad had pasta primavera. I had ravioli with alfredo, and shoestring fries.  Then we each got shakes: Chocolate Candy Cane, Eggnog, and Strawberry Sunshine.  We talked, and laughed, and generally had a great time.  I think it was my best birthday so far, except for the fact that I couldn't share it with my husband.  We brought home "beef" stroganoff for Rhydon.  It was all lovely.

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