Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy (early) birthday to me! *Nei-ei-ei-eigh!*

So a few weeks ago, I was sitting and wondering what I could ask for, for my birthday.  I wanted to be frugal, because money is tight, but I knew my family wouldn't let me get away with getting nothing. Then it occurred to me, that I could just have an experience! Two years ago, Matt took me across the U. S./Mexico border for my birthday, because I'd never been out of the country.  Well, guess what else I hadn't done? I had never ridden a horse! It's true!  So, I put out my wish on Facebook:

I would like to ride a horse for the first time in my life, for Christmas or my birthday. Anyone own a horse who would be willing to give me a lesson? It just might be plain wrong that I'm almost 27 and have never ridden a horse.

And what do you know?  A friend of mine from church sees that, and goes and finds someone for me!  Dianne set the whole thing up for me, and today was the day I got to ride a horse for the first time IN MY LIFE!! 

I forget the horses' names because I started this on that day but finished two weeks later... someone help me! I'll fix this post when I figure it out.

I had a fabulous time!  I think I may be a natural talent! Hahaha.  What a great birthday present! Thank you, Dianne, and thanks to the Gambles for sharing with me.

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