Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Post #2: Elizabeth and Her Violin

As you may or may not know, Elizabeth started violin this year.  She started in Thatcher, and I enrolled her in the school orchestra when we arrived in Logan in December.  Her teacher, Mrs. Sova, was so impressed with her abilities, she asked Elizabeth to also be a part of a special extra orchestra she directed called the Cache Valley Junior Youth Orchestra.  Elizabeth loved going, and though she started behind everyone else who had been there all fall, she caught up very quickly.  She really has a strong natural ability on the violin, and I'm grateful we've lived in places that gave her this opportunity, one I never had.  She recently started up private lessons with this same teacher, and will be joining the orchestra at the school we now live nearest to.

So here are two pics of her at the school orchestra concert, then a few pics of her at the CVJYO concert, and then her at her orchestra party, which she earned on her own merit and even earned extra privileges for.

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