Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Post #6: Zoo and Park

For our last summer weekend with all the kids, we decided to go all out!  First we went to the local zoo, Willow Park Zoo, and saw all the animals, and fed the ducks.

Then we headed over to an area of Willow Park and spent the rest of the day "fishing" in the little pond there.  We did manage to catch one little fish, Julie was excited to finally get to use her fishing gear she had received for her 8th birthday, and Kael and Elizabeth made pretty good rods out of sticks mostly by themselves.

Kael fell into the water... Tried to convince us he hated it... Ha.

Kael made friends with some high school kids (a youth group perhaps?) who were playing Frisbee and capture the flag.  He's always doing that! So friendly.

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