Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being Crafty: Patching Kids' Jeans

I don't know about your kids, but my kids seem to constantly be making holes in their jeans.


Knees. Rear end. Pockets. Crotch. Yikes!

The mending pile turned into a mountain this weekend, and I happened to have a spurt of energy, so I set to patching.  Then I realized I was running out of patches.


So I thought, well maybe some of the kids would be okay with different colors. So I went around and asked if they wanted patches that blended or if they would like cool designs. 

Only one child chose the blending. Yay!

I started out pretty tame.

But Kael was pleased, so I continued. 

The other leg of the same pants ended up like this:

I made the patch to fit the hole, and thought it looked like the bottom of a boat. Voila!

Kael loved that too.  Feeling confident and inspired, I moved on to the next pair of pants, whose legs looked like so:

 Kael loved them both, but loved the face so much he hugged it.  Victory.

On to the next!

Tristan's pants turned out like this:

Tristan was well pleased.  Triumph! Now for the piece de resistance...

Katie's pants from her mom's house were gifted with these lovely patches:

I now have to secure all the patches, as they are iron-on patches, but I secured Katie's before she had to leave.  I used silver thread on the cloud and sun, which makes them seem to shine!  And a lovely blue on the hearts.  I think they turned out just adorably, and I hope they all want cute patches from here on out!!!

What do you think?  Too cute or too much?


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