Friday, October 31, 2014

Surviving the Storehouse: Sauerkraut

 Cabbage is delicious!  I hope you're starting to feel that way now, at least.  One fabulous way to preserve and eat this under-appreciated veggie is to ferment it. Fermented cabbage is called sauerkraut.

Oh, and don't turn up your nose if the only kind you've ever tried is the canned stuff from the store.  Homemade is a totally different animal!  Also, fermented is good for your gut, you know, helps your digestion processes... Ahem.  And your gut will need the help after you eat all of your kids' Halloween candy.


1 head cabbage
2-3 Tbsp salt (your favorite kind)


You'll also need:
Wide mouth Mason jars with lids and rings (old are fine)

Shred cabbage finely.  In large bowl layer cabbage and salt.  If using other vegetables, layer those in, too.  Using a meat tenderizer, thick handled ice cream scoop, plastic wrapped can, or your husband's hammer, pound away on that sucker for about 10 minutes, until the cabbage is limp and has released most of its juice.  Spoon into jars, pounding down as you go.  You should have enough to fill 2 quart size jars to full, and maybe have some left over, all depending on the size of the cabbage.  Press the cabbage down until it is all under the juice. Add a little extra water if necessary.  Secure lid firmly, and place in a warm spot away from sunlight for 3-7 days.  You'll have to experiment with how fermented you want your sauerkraut.  The uninitiated will probably want to stick with 3 days. 

After the fermentation period, store in the fridge.  The rumor is it will last in the fridge 3-6 months, unopened, but I wouldn't know because it never lasts that long in my house!  Serve it with any meat dish you prepare, though it seems tastiest with the heavier meats like beef and pork roasts.  Also delightful on hot dogs, baked potatoes, or eggs.

Bon appetit!

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