Monday, October 13, 2014

Surviving in the Storehouse Gluten-Free

It is a wonderful blessing to be part of a church that provides for its members in times of need.  We are currently participating in the food portion of that program.

Let me tell you, it's not easy being gluten-free on the program, though.

First, a large portion of the foods provided are filled with gluten on purpose. Obviously those need to be avoided.  But there's also an issue with cross-contamination.  Things you wouldn't think would have a problem, do.  As a family, we've reacted to all the canned meats except the tuna, the peanut butter, the new canned beans, and all the canned meats except the tuna.  I'm even starting to question the rice. Yikes.  It's quite limiting.

So how do we do it?  First, there are different levels of poverty associated with this idea.  If you really can't afford a SINGLE thing other than what can be provided at the storehouse, just be careful.  Pay attention to reactions in yourself and family members after consuming certain items.  If there's a reaction, figure out what it is to by elimination ASAP, then stop getting that item.  You'll survive by getting more of other stuff next time.

Second, use what you already have!  Few of us go to the storehouse with completely bare cupboards.  Use the spices you have to "spice" things up (pun intended!).  Use your flours to have a special treat now and then.  Use what you have from your garden to add variety.  Use previously purchased canned and dry goods to add more variety.  It'll help immensely.

Third, if you have a few dollars to spare, I recommend getting yourself some gluten-free corn tortillas.  I'll be posting several recipes that use tortillas, and they really help break the monotony!  If you have the time but not the money for pre-made corn tortillas, buy a GF corn tortilla mix and make your own!  They are SO yummy fresh, and you can make a ton and freeze the extras.  To make the process easier, see if any of your friends own a tortilla press they would let you borrow.  (If it's been used for flour tortillas, proceed with caution!  Either sterilize REALLY well, or just use plastic wrap and a rolling pin like I do.)

There you go! Some tips to help you be gluten-free at the storehouse.

Blessings and good eating!


Marc and Liz Anson said...

Wait, did I just hear you announce another baby!? congratulations :) Also I'm excited to see these recipes of yours.

Arienne said...

Yep, I did! Thank you! Stay tuned for the recipes! :)